The Ghost Bike

“Where are we going, today?”  asked the students as they loaded into our Driver Ed car.   I suppressed a smile as their eyes grew wide in disbelief at hearing my response.   Our journey, that beautiful autumn day, would include a visit to a Ghost Bike.  As expected, the term had captured their imagination, and aroused their curiosity.

imageWith the first of four drivers behind the wheel, we journeyed on, as I queried them about the various warning signs along the way.  We were passing through an historical area and an area where there were bike trails and many signs indicating shared roadways and bicycle crossings.  We took note of the speed limits and discussed the curvaceous conditions of the roads and lack of shoulders.  When they remarked that the posted limit seemed too fast, we discussed the meaning of the term prudent and the Basic Speed Law.  image

Just about the time when they asked “why would anyone ride a bike here when there is not much space,” we came upon a few bicyclists.  They soon realized their only option was to stay back and patiently share the road.  We had arrived just in time to switch drivers, and we pulled into a driveway at the edge of an apple orchard.  We all exited the car, and it was then they noticed the Ghost Bike.  Not quite the adventure they had imagined.

The Ghost Bike marks the time and place where lives were forever altered.
The Ghost Bike marks the time and place where lives were forever altered. “Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee”

In that sobering moment, as I explained the history of the Ghost Bike, they could see the consequences of irresponsible driving and how it changed eternity for at least two families and their friends.  The return journey was quiet and thoughtful, and careful; and hopefully they will return safely as Responsible Drivers from all of their future journeys.

Enjoy your journey.  And please remember to share the road.  Blessings to you!



I am here to you see why I am WARNING you?...
I am here to help…do you see why I am WARNING you?…

Did you notice all of those yellow, diamond-shaped signs posted along your journey? They are talking to you. “Warning…WARNING!,” shout those yellow signs as you pass quickly by.  They want you to know there is a change in the road ahead. Will you heed their warning?

Did you brake yet?  Failure to heed a warning can be tragic.
Did you brake yet? Failure to heed a warning can be tragic.

As you travel through life, the language may vary from place to place or country to country. Understanding the language makes the journey easier, because it sure can get confusing when you can’t communicate.

And communication is a two-way street. If you are not understanding, there could be real trouble ahead.

The roadways have their own language. Think about what could happen if we do not understand what those signs, signals, and markings are saying. If we miss the message, if we ignore or do not process the information along our journey, not only could we be headed for disaster, but we also put everyone in our car and others sharing the road, at risk. And our job is not to create risk.

A Responsible Driver will take time to understand the language of the road and make it their mission to recognize and reduce risk.

Along our life’s journey, there will be plenty of warnings. Some are loud and others may be just a whisper. If we train our minds to hear and heed those warnings, we can save ourselves from plenty of painful trouble. And life is never “all about me, baby” because every choice we make can affect those with whom we share the journey. Enjoy your journey!