Just One Reason To Count Stop Signs


A warning for those who do not pay attention.
It is a beautiful, blue-sky day and you are out enjoying the journey.  Did you know that most crashes occur on good weather days?   Lovely days lend themselves to distracting thoughts, and that can be dangerous.  Responsible Drivers must make between 100-300 decisions per mile.  That much looking and thinking is more than many are willing to invest in driving.  That is disconcerting, because most crashes could be avoided if we saw what we needed to see.

Think about that for a moment.  While enjoying that drive, are you completely focused on recognizing and reducing risk?  If we are thinking about something else, that distraction is enough to cause a missed detail that could potentially lead to a crash.  In other words, if our brains are somewhere else while we are physically behind the wheel, we are impaired.

I noticed some new warning signs around town, just like the one above.  Why did traffic division see the need to add the extra warning to the Stop sign?  Most crashes occur at intersections. When we are not diligent, we fail to assess the intersection correctly.  The warning gives drivers information they should have gathered on their own.  Count the stop signs at every intersection and you will not be the one headed for the crash.  If you train your brain to correctly assess each intersection, you will increase your chances of enjoying your journey and contribute to the safety of others also.  Happy counting, and Blessings to you!




I am here to help...do you see why I am WARNING you?...
I am here to help…do you see why I am WARNING you?…

Did you notice all of those yellow, diamond-shaped signs posted along your journey? They are talking to you. “Warning…WARNING!,” shout those yellow signs as you pass quickly by. ¬†They want you to know there is a change in the road ahead. Will you heed their warning?

Did you brake yet?  Failure to heed a warning can be tragic.
Did you brake yet? Failure to heed a warning can be tragic.

As you travel through life, the language may vary from place to place or country to country. Understanding the language makes the journey easier, because it sure can get confusing when you can’t communicate.

And communication is a two-way street. If you are not understanding, there could be real trouble ahead.

The roadways have their own language. Think about what could happen if we do not understand what those signs, signals, and markings are saying. If we miss the message, if we ignore or do not process the information along our journey, not only could we be headed for disaster, but we also put everyone in our car and others sharing the road, at risk. And our job is not to create risk.

A Responsible Driver will take time to understand the language of the road and make it their mission to recognize and reduce risk.

Along our life’s journey, there will be plenty of warnings. Some are loud and others may be just a whisper. If we train our minds to hear and heed those warnings, we can save ourselves from plenty of painful trouble. And life is never “all about me, baby” because every choice we make can affect those with whom we share the journey. Enjoy your journey!