The Enforcer


We learn to spot them from a distance..most of the time.   Alarmed, we immediately brake check.  That is, we brake and check our behavior.  Maybe our speed was a little too fast, or we were about to run that light or roll that stop.   Until we see the ENFORCER.

Instantly, we become the model of a Responsible Driver.  We quickly find our brake and realize there is a correct way to drive.  Suddenly there is no better driver on the road than us.  Amazing how quickly we can alter our behavior when the ENFORCER is in town.

Did you ever pause to think why we pay Enforcers to police our behavior, or pay legislators to write laws restricting behavior? Would we need them if we simply ordered our own lives?  The Enforcers are there to protect citizens from those who do not respect the lives of others. But who should be the real enforcers?  Wouldn’t it better if we each took responsibility for our selves?  What if we each drove correctly?  Couldn’t we reduce the risk we share daily on the road, and consequently reduce the number of crashes and resulting deaths?

Next time we are tempted by the stresses of our hurried lives to make that imprudent choice, let’s give it a second thought.  Is it really worth the risk?  Remember, we all count on each other to Recognize and Reduce the Risk we all share while navigating the roadways.  Let’s breathe a little, slow down, and Enjoy The Journey.  Blessings to you!


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