The Power In Attitude


Remember all those firsts?  The first day of school, first job, first love, first car, or whatever. Exhilarated by new beginnings, you wanted to be at your best and do your best.  After a few weeks or months you become complacent, take things for granted, lose your edge, and start complaining.  School is boring, your boss and coworkers are jerks, the person you thought might be “the one” isn’t making you happy, and your car isn’t your dream car anymore.

So what changed?  It happens all so fast, if we don’t guard against it.  We become the unpleasant malcontent, while blaming it all on something or someone else. It is amazing how fast ATTITUDES can change.

We often assume an ATTITUDE to excuse our behavior, and that kind of person can be difficult.  Acquiring habits of patience, thankfulness, and humility is far more productive in cultivating a positive  ATTITUDE.  You become a pleasant person that people do not shun and you find yourself actually making progress along a more pleasant journey.  ATTITUDE is a powerful life force.

It works in driving, too.  More often than not, driver error is a direct result of our ATTITUDE.  Drive correctly.  Pretend the examiner is sitting beside you, the officer is at the next corner, that person you were going to extend the unlawful hand signal to is your girlfriend’s mother.  Realize we all make errors, but we also rely on each other to be responsible.  Change your ATTITUDE, you can change your life.  You may even save a life!  Happy journeying.


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