Hidden Danger..Leaf It Be!


Boy in leaf pile

It is Autumn..and a stunningly beautiful one at that.  Neighbors armed with rakes are soaking up the abundant rays while their little ones shuffle through crunchy leaves and squeal in delight at their rustling.

If your neighborhood policy compels you pile your leaves by the roadside for their vacuum, your mountains of leaves may temporarily narrow the driving lanes.  And those colorful mountains pose an equally compelling temptation to adventurous young ones.  Beware!

This time of year brings to mind a story shared in one of our classes.  A motorist was tempted by those leaf mountains lining the road, but at the last moment before barreling through them changed his mind and steered  clear.  Glancing in his rearview, he saw a child pop up from the pile he had nearly demolished.  He shared how his heart beat rapidly at the realization of the near tragedy he narrowly avoided only a split second before.

And don’t forget that those leaves can erase the traction between your tire and the pavement, particularly when they are wet.  Make wise choices to reduce the risk.  And enjoy the journey!


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