Are You Reading Me?

Can you tell what is ahead?

Please! I am not a decoration. Did you read and understand me?  I have given you an important clue about your journey ahead.  What will you do with that information?

We often “see” but do not always think about what we see. You may have guessed by now the road is not smooth ahead, but “crossing”? Did you recognize that means intersection?

What would happen if this intersection did not have bars and red lights? Would you have slowed to look carefully? Why do you suppose some vehicles, such as a school bus are required to stop before the tracks?

Now look closer…Are you really assessing the entire risk? How many tracks does this crossing have? What does that mean to you?

How many tracks do I have?
How many tracks do I have?

There are many crossings without bars and lights…and those mechanical devices may not be working correctly. So your brain must always be working.

No zippedy-do-dahing here…it is no contest between your little vehicle and that powerful train that may take a mile or longer to stop.

So your task…is to make it your mission to recognize and reduce the risk. Stay alive, keep your passengers safe, and remember we are sharing the roadways with all types of vehicles and people who also want to enjoy their journey.


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